Eldritch Horrors

DATE: September 19, 1933
LOCATION: Panama City, Panama

Ernest raised an eyebrow, trying to understand the implication of the words that the man just uttered… a sudden change in testimony, perhaps a repressed memory? He quickly glanced over the man’s body language to understand his motives regarding the window…

The man looked at Ernest, but Ernest could tell that the man was not seeing him. The man was now apparently gazing at the memory of his friend’s last moments, whispering something over and over to himself, and scratching at his now-bloodied forearms.

Then he began describing what he saw that night in a dull monotone. “Gabe’d looked up and seen it comin’ an’ he screamed. Black snakes came down from above ‘n Gabe tried to run. Snakes wrapped ’roun his arms. Grabb’d his neck ‘n lifted him up in th’air, ’n choked the scream right outta him.

“I c’d see the thing b’cuz Gabe was still hangin’ onta his lantern when it took him. He dropped it later, down inta th’ocean…

“Only it weren’t no snakes… B’fore Gabe dropped his lamp, I saw it. It was big. Black as night… It was movin’ back n’ forth up in th’ air n’ had wings, but didn’ seem to need ‘em. It was lookin’ at Gabe, shakin’ him an’ studyin’ him. Lookin’ down at him—an’ me!—with its black eyes wavin’ on tentacles . Now I can’t stop seein’ it…”

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Eldritch Horrors

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