“Little by little they rose grimly into the western sky; allowing us to witness various bare, bleak and blackened summits…in the reddish Antarctic light against the provocative background of iridescent ice-dust clouds. In the whole spectacle there was a persistent, pervasive hint of stupendous secrecy and potential revelation… I could not help feeling that they were evil things—mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss.”

- H.P. Lovecraft

EXPEDITION LOCATION: Steaming across the Pacific towards Australia

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This horror game uses Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu ruleset and is being run in a play-by-post fashion. Herein, on this Obsidian Portal website, you’ll find summary information from our BtMoM game.

Our actual game takes place in a dance of threads on the Play@YSDC website, and if you’re interested in reading through more detailed conversations, imagery, danger, and heroism—or viewing additional photos, maps, and illustrations of the game—then you are invited to peruse the madness by following the link above.

Our campaign has a full complement of players right now, but I am recruiting alternate players to replace those individuals who occasionally drop out. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

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